Highlights from the Press Event at the Blu Kouzina Restaurant in Singapore, 2024

Amidst the vibrant cityscape of Singapore, Blu Kouzina Restaurant hosted a captivating press event on April 23rd, spotlighting the PDO table products that weave Europe’s rich culinary tapestry. From the robust flavors PDO Graviera of Crete to the delicate essence of Krokos Kozanis and PDO Corinthian Raisin Vostitsa, each offering spoke of tradition, quality, and unparalleled taste. Journalists and connoisseurs immersed themselves in the sensory journey, savoring the essence of European olives, olive oil, Mastiha, and more.
During the event we had the honor to invite guest speakers, the following:

  • Mr Emmanuel Markianos, Counselor of Greek Embassy in Singapore, Economic and Commercial Affairs
  • Ms. Paraskevi Tegou Managing Director of the implementation body Qualitycert Ltd
  • Ms Marianna Liarou, Project Manager of Etheas
  • Mr Konstantinos Areteos, Marketing Communication and Sales Specialist 
  • Chef Derek Cheong founder of Twelve Flavours and winner of Masterchef Singapore 

After the event, a dinner followed, showcasing the products under promotion by this campaign.

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