Welcome to our European table!

Hellenic European Products PDO/PGI is a promotional campaign funded by the European Union with a series of actions that will be taking place during the next 3 years. This journey aims to highlight and preserve Greece’s gastronomic wealth, by promoting selective PDO/PGI products to third-country markets, which show very high interest in European trademark products.

The promoted products carry the distinctive titles of PDO and PGI that identify their protected designation of origin or geographical indication. Products labelled with PDO and PGI symbols are offered to consumers, as certified European products of premium quality. The products promoted withing this campaign are: PDO Graviera Naxos, PDO Graviera of Crete, PDO Konservolia Rovion, PDO Vorios Mylopotamos Rethymnis Crete, PDO Viannos olive Heraklion, PDO Kolymvari Extra Virgin Olive Oil, PDO Krokos Kozanis, PDO Mastic/ Mastiha Chios, PDP Mastiha Oil/ Mastic Oil and PDO Corinthian Raisin Vostitsa.

Stay tuned for our promotional activities and news updates!